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Saving Homeless Pets Across America

The Shelter is located a half hour north of Boston and is easily accessible from all of New England. Being open 7 days a week makes the adoption of a pet convenient for the general public and enables us to place all our homeless dogs and cats.

As soon as a dog or cat arrives at our facility, our staff begins searching for the right match — a family or individual who will give the pet a wonderful home. While waiting for a forever home, our dogs and cats receive the best of care.

Since each animal’s needs are unique, this may include medical care, obedience training, a visit with a groomer, or a special diet. Our pets are inoculated, wormed, and spayed or neutered at the appropriate age.

The Shelter has developed many programs such as Saving Homeless Pets Across America, Mother Animal Spay, Humane Education, Foster Care, Stray Cat Rescue, and Senior Visitation.

View our programs to learn more about the innovate ways we help animals from across the country. To learn more about NEAS, and the work we do, click here to read more about our 2017 Annual Review. 


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Our team of volunteers and staff provide daily socialization for both cats and dogs. Physical and mental enrichment activities for dogs include playgroups in an outdoor play yard, offsite field trips, puzzle toys and basic manners training. Cats get to spend time out of their cages, in one of our cat community rooms, climbing a cat tree or chasing a laser light.

When we encounter more complex behavioral issues, we consult with a certified behaviorist or trainer to carefully evaluate the dog or cat, and determine the best approach for treatment and management, as well as what type of adopter might be the ideal fit. We also work with other shelters and breed-specific rescue groups to determine if they can find the right type of adopter . . .

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